At Fiber First Farm we strive to produce beautiful, clean, healthy fleeces.  Our sheep are carefully managed, fed a balanced diet of forage with supplemental minerals, and they wear sheep coats to protect their beautiful wool from sun and weather damage, and foreign matter contamination.  All fleeces offered for sale have been thoroughly skirted.  If you are interested in a fleece, or have questions, please e-mail us.

Our CVM/Romeldale and MerinoX sheep produce fine wool fleeces.  This fiber is wonderfully soft; perfect for next-to-the-skin garments and accessories.  Probably not the best choice for beginning handspinners as the high grease content and ease of felting can make washing and fiber preparation challenging.  With a bit of practice and experience, however, these fleeces become delightful and rewarding to spin.

In our flock we have a variety of crossbred sheep which produce medium wool fleeces.  The Corriedale/Romeldale and Romney/Romeldale wool is still quite soft and often can be worn next to the skin.  Card it, comb it, or flick and spin from the lock.  Spin it woolen or spin it worsted.  These fleeces are reasonably easy to work with and are suitable for a variety of projects, from sweaters and scarves to blankets and felting.  

A Romney fleece is a good place to start for a beginning handspinner.  Versatile and durable, Romney wool is easy to work with and easy to spin.  Not just for beginners, however!  Spun fine, its silkiness and luster can make for a stunning yarn. It will be wonderful for sweaters, shawls and hats.  Outshining even the Romney, the Lincoln excels with luster and strength.  Use it for handbags, rugs, and wall hangings.

Here we are shearing “Bow,” one of our CVM ewes

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