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CVM/Romeldale handspinning fleeces, Corriedale handspinning fleeces, Merino, Romney and Lincoln handspinning fleeces!  We love wool. It is surely one of the world’s finest, most versatile fibers.  And, yes, we love sheep - surely one of the world’s finest, most versatile animals.

2016 fleeces update:  The last of the 2016 fleeces are now posted on the “Fleeces” page.  Thank you to everyone who purchased one of our fleeces this year.  Your encouragement and feedback are so very appreciated!

We have a wide range of fleece types and colors.  Our flock, located near Cheney, WA, consists of Romeldale,  Romeldale cross, Corriedale, Merino, Romney and Lincoln ewes and wethers, and Romeldale rams.  See the “Fleeces” page for details on covered fleeces available for sale.  Our goal is to raise our animals in a natural, healthy environment, where they can be content and productive.  Our sheep produce clean, sound, white and natural colored fleeces for handspinners.  Unless otherwise noted, all fleeces are covered from shearing to shearing except for about three days in the lambing jug.  Yearling fleeces (wooly hoggets) have been covered starting at about two months of age, and may have tender tips, but they will be especially fine and soft.


Handspinning Fleeces from Coated Sheep

One of our natural colored CVM ewes and her triplets.  It is always fun to see the variety of colors and patterns that the new lambs bring each year.

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